Love And Light

This is a great time of change in our world and for all of us in it. I have always had a very strong connection with God. And for my clients of the past decade I would say: God, Love, Universe, Creator, which ever was their word for their Higher Power.

For me as an adult my word has always been God and the work that I did as a Self-Empowerment Coach or Channel was basically to bring people back to their Centre, their place of power where they are connected to God Or for them I would say; God, Love, Universe, Creator and from their they could access all of their own information.

For me I have always looked and asked God for more clarity and how to become who I truly am and how to serve God.

The answer for me came as a shift, as all good/God Answers come. When I was younger I was very connected and I remember that peaceful wonderful place of power that I functioned from. I also remember feeling it not being there any more and much of my life’s journey and my work has been about searching for that place of peace from which I know and trust and am not afraid.

Which is how I felt when I was young. Now the Animals have been a big part of my journey. The Animals are completely connected to their Higher Power, that part of God/ holy spirit within.

When I moved to Bervie I found a church; The Chalmers Community Church through my friends Judy and Bill.

This is a Christian church, and we study the Scripture, we study the Bible and the sermons that Pastor Brian Martin gives are all scripture based.

I will tell you the first time I went and listened to his sermon I new I was home. And for the next three to eight months I proceeded to cry and weep every time I was in church. And I Loved every sermon. I understood it was bringing me home, closer to that place I had left behind so many years ago when I was young.

And then one day driving home from church I felt Jesus with me and I remembered that incredible feeling of being taken care of in every moment that I had when I was a child, that place of peace. And I remembered feeling Jesus with me always when I was young. I had lost my connection to Jesus and now I had found it again. Jesus has come back into my life and I am safe. And that is a feeling that I have not felt in a very long time. Really safe, that I am taken care of. What ever happens The Lord Jesus and God will show me the way.

My life is very different out here and I’m not quite sure of it all yet. But I know that I am in the right place and I am a Christian. Being out in the country with The Animals and┬áconnected to The Lord Jesus and God. I am moving forward on my journey, I am trusting and listening to the guidance of The Lord Jesus, God’s son, shall we say his representative here on earth. And asking even more questions than before and receiving more guidance.

I am going to continue to explain my journey with Jesus and God and the work I am doing to let go of everything else. That is evil and negativity and trust Jesus and God and how that is changing and impacting my life.

I Love You Very Much As Always

Love And Light Christine Kowal And The Animals

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